Movies with Medieval Swordswomen

I love women who wield swords. I have taken medieval sword training for several years, and I write novels where my heroines wield swords. Here are my reviews of movies which feature swordswomen as key characters.

Snow White and the Huntsman Medieval Swordswomen
George and the Dragon
Snow White and the Huntsman

Pre-Medieval Swordswomen
Conan the Barbarian
300 - Rise of an Empire

Medieval Movies in General
Note that some of these have fantasy elements but are rooted in a medieval atmosphere.
Being Human
Black Death
Flesh and Blood
Name of the Rose
Robin Hood 1938 - Errol Flynn
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 1997 - Kevin Costner
Season of the Witch
The Reckoning
The Seventh Seal

Medieval Romance Basics
Medieval Romance for Villagers
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Medieval Romance for Men
Medieval Romance for Women

Life in Medieval Days

Lisa's Medieval Romances
Seeking the Truth
Knowing Yourself
A Sense of Duty

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