Queen Boudicia - Life in Medieval Days

OK, I realize that Queen Boudicia was born in 60ad - which is LONG before the medieval period :) However, she is a very inspiring woman and her story would have given encouragement to women of the middle ages who had heard it. So I include it in the sense that this was a role model that some medieval woman aspired to.

Queen Boudicia was from the area of Norwalk. The tribe she was born into - the Iceni - were pagans who like most pagans of the time felt women and men were equal. Both sexes were strong and respected. The women learned to defend themselves with sword and knife, just as men did. A woman felt she should be able to defend herself should bandits attack.

Unfortunately for the Iceni, the Romans were in town. When the Queen's husband died, Roman law insisted that a large portion of the estate go to Rome. Instead, the King had given portions to his two daughters. The Romans did not think mere girls should inherit the land. They raped the two girls and beat the mother for resisting. This of course upset Boudicia!

She was, of course, a Queen, and her troops were very loyal to her. Her troops were both men and women, and she had about 100,000 under her command. Full of righteous fury, they began destroying Roman towns and taking on Roman troops. Her daughters rode into battle with her.

In the end, the Roman war machine triumphs, and over 80,000 of the Iceni are slain. Accounts differ on whether Boudicia was slain or whether she took poison rather than be captured. In any case, the uprising was at an end, and the Romans had secured their possession of the lands.

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