Swordfighting Guards - iPod Audio Files

One of the practice routines for learning swordwork is to have someone randomly shout out guard positions at you and have you move into that position. If you don't have a personal trainer around to do this for you, I have a solution! I have made short audio files with each vocal command. Simply load these all into your iPod and make a randomized playlist out of them. You can select just the moves you want to work on, and practice to your heart's content!

You can also set them up in order to do the "posta drill", to learn them in sequence.

I'm afraid I have only my own voice that I could do this with. If someone wants to send me a "male voice" set of commands, I am happy to post those as well! To make these, first I went into Accessories - Sound Recorder and with a standard microphone I recorded myself saying all of the words. Then I went into Adobe Premiere Elements and exported each individual word as a WAV file. It took maybe 10 minutes tops.

Here are the wav files. Each one is five seconds long, to give you time to get into the position before the next one comes along. I list them in posta drill order.

Guard of the Woman
Boar's Tooth
Window Guard
Half Iron Gate
Front Guard
Left Short Guard
Tail Guard
Left Guard of the Woman
Full Iron Gate
Left Two Horn Guard
Long Point
Left Window Guard
Short Guard
Left Front Guard
Two Horn Guard
Left Long Point

To use these, save them all into a directory on your hard drive. Now double click on each one. It should auto-import them into iTunes. If it doesn't, go into iTunes and do a File - Add File to Library. Once all the files are in iTunes, select the group of them. There should be 10 files if you got them all. Right click, use Get Info and give them all an album name of SWORDWORK-GUARDS so you can find them easily. Next while they're still selected go into File - Make playlist from selection. Now you have a playlist of them!

You can play them in order. However, if you want to randomize them, go into View and turn on Shuffle and Repeat.

When you download them on your iPod, make sure your iPod also is set in Settings to have Shuffle and Repeat on.

In addition to making a master playlist, you can make individual playlists of just the moves you want to work on. Note that each "shuffle" will do each item once per set. That is, if you want a chance of the system saying "tail guard - tail guard" or "boar's tooth - boar's tooth" you should have TWO copies of each wave file in your play list. Just drag a second copy of the audio file into the same playlist. That way there's a chance of them coming one after another.


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