Guards - Medieval Swords and Swordfighting

Guards are stances that you hold either to defend yourself, or to prepare for an attack move. The right hand version of each guard is known by its natural name, while the left handed version would be prefaced by the word "left". So you have "Boar's Tooth" and "Left Boar's Tooth".

Guards were known as "posta" in Italian or "leger" in German.

Swordwork Stances / Guards
Boar's Tooth
Front Guard
Guard of the Woman
Half Iron Gate Guard
Full Iron Gate Guard
Long Point
Short Guard
Tail Guard
Two Horn Guard
Window Guard

Posta drill - Short
Posta drill - Full
Flourish drill 2

For Audio WAV files to help with guard training, visit my Guards Audio WAV Files page.

Medieval Swords and Swordfighting

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