Medieval Swords - Grip

The grip is the part of the sword you actually hold in your hand. It is critical that this part fit well in the user's hand, that it not slip out of the hand at inopportune moments. Note that some swords have ferrules - rings of metal on each end of the grip helping to hold it in place.

Medieval Swords

The hand forged sword has a leather-wrapped grip with a spiral of metal wire around the top to hold the leather in place.

Medieval Swords

The Charles V sword has a silver thread wrapped grip beneath a gold thread wrapped grip I created for better holding surface.

Medieval Swords

I am planning to leather wrap this wooden training sword's grip for better holding surface.

Medieval Swords

For comparison, here is my Japanese katana, with its fabric wrapped grip. Note the "menuki" - or decorative object that you can see beneath the wrap. This was to help your hand hold onto the sword better, to help keep it from slipping out of place.

Medieval Swords

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