Medieval Swords - Guard

The guard of a sword is the cross-piece that keeps your hands safe. If two blades crossed each other and began sliding down each others' lengths, eventually they would reach the hands that held the swords and begin slicing off fingers. The guard helps to ensure this does not happen :)

Medieval Swords

The hand forged sword has a nice, solid guard on it. Note that the two "end points" jutting out from the guard, one on each end, are known as the quillions.

Medieval Swords

The Charles V sword has a light weight, semi-decorative guard.

Medieval Swords

The wooden sword's guard is very sturdy, which is good for me!

Medieval Swords

A Japanese sword's guard was very small. It is known as a "tsuba" and could be quite decorative. I have seem some gorgeous tsuba in museums. The Japanese style of swordfighting was not generally so much about crossing blades as it was about quick, deadly slices.

Medieval Swords

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