Medieval Swords - Hilt

The hilt of a sword is the entire part on the left (in this photo) that is NOT the blade. That is, the hilt starts at the far left with the pommel, goes through the grip and ends at the guard (the cross-piece). That entire part of the sword is known as the hilt.

A hilt's primary purpose is to let the owner of the sword use the sword in a controlled, strong manner.

Medieval Swords

The hand forged sword has a simple hilt with leather-wrapped grip.

Medieval Swords

The Charles V sword has a silver thread wrapped grip beneath a gold thread wrapped grip I created for getter grip.

Medieval Swords

I am planning to leather wrap this wooden training sword's grip for better grip.

Medieval Swords

For comparison, here is my Japanese katana, with its fabric wrapped grip.

Medieval Swords

It's worth it to note here that a sword's blade does not just "end" at the guard. It actually extends INSIDE the hilt for a sturdy, secure connection. That part of the metal blade that is inside the hilt is called the tang. It's not just a breakfast drink any more!

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