Medieval Swords - Tip

With other types of swords - the rapier springs to mind - the tip was the main part of the weapon, meant to drive into the enemy. With these types of swords below, that was not so much the case. The edge was the primary way to reign destruction. Still, if you had the opportunity to disembowl your enemy with the tip of your blade, there was no reason to pass that chance up.

Medieval Swords

This tip is probably the most lethal of this bunch. Solid, well able to hold an edge, and the blade could drive in nicely.

Medieval Swords

The Charles V sword has the advantage of being thinner - it would slide into the body more easily - but it does not have the driving weight behind it to keep going.

Medieval Swords

The wooden sword might do some damage to a vampire if it was heavily driven into the chest of one, but as it's not very sharp, it would be quite an effort to penetrate any important organ.

Medieval Swords

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