Boston Mensa Writing Group

The Boston Mensa Writing Group was formed in 2008. We have thirty members from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and further afield as well. Most of our activity takes place via email. This is how we distribute chapters to review, provide feedback on works, share information on publishing news and social networking trends, and cheerlead each other on our projects.

The group meets in person once a month, the third Tuesday, at 4pm. The in-person meetings are focused on building up familiarity with each other's styles of communication. We do not sit at the table reading long stories to each other :). We prefer to be able to study works and take our time in giving detailed responses. The in-person meetings are about brainstorming for the group - how to build up a fan base, how to get marketing rolling, how to spark your creativity, and how to manage time. They are also about building the trust level and comfort level with each other, so we can better give in depth feedback and have it be understood and utilized.

The meeting locations can vary. Please contact me if you're a memeber of Mensa and would like to join us! That way we can plan for the proper table size. Our average meeting size is around seven people.

Here are details on just a few of our members! Make sure you download the Free Kindle Reader App for your PC, Mac, SmartPhone, iPad, or other devices, to be able to read the Kindle versions of the various books.

Flyers on our Members with Published Books
We use these flyers at conventions to promote our members who are now published. Click through on any link to learn more about them and their book(s).

Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group Boston Mensa Writing Group

Writing Group Members

Some members have chosen not to be on this public list, so this is a selected set of our members, both published and not-yet-published!

Lisa Shea
Lisa Shea Aspen Allegations That's me! You can look through this entire website to learn more about my writing style. I run numerous websites and write all day long, every day. In particular you can review:
Lisa's Writing Content
Lisa's Full Library of Published Books

Lisa's Fiction Novels
Medieval Romance Novels - 13 published
Modern Murder Mystery Novels - 3 published

I have over 200 works published which range from full-length novels to novellas, novelettes, and short stories. I've won a gold, silver, and bronze IPPY award for these. Yes, I know I have a lot of feeds. I hemmed and hawed about listing them all. The purpose here is not to indicate that everyone needs this many feeds :). However, different kinds of feeds have different personalities. This way whether you write about fiction or non-fiction, relationships or food or crafts, you can find a feed to help provide a few ideas for you. You want each feed to be large enough to have a coherent audience. At the same time, you need each feed to be focused enough that people like everything you post. That is, if I had one big feed for SuttonMass *and* WineIntro together, the Sutton residents could be bored by all the wine talk - and the wine people could be bored by the Sutton specific talk. You want each feed to be thoroughly interesting to its target audience.

I aim to make small posts to each of these daily.

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BellaOnline Lisa Shea Enjoy Massachusetts RomanceClass SuttonMass WineIntro Weddings and Courtships

Tom Hollyday
Tom is a multi-talented man! First, he is an inventor. His Solar Sippers website sells his personally designed water dish for birds which can survive even harsh winters. Second, he is a published author, and creates novels set in the quiet waterfront area of the Chesapeake Bay. Tom was the founding impetus for this writing group's existence. He has published six books and is finishing up his seventh.

Tom's River Sunday Romance Mystery Series
Slave Graves
Magnolia Gods
Powerboat Racer
Terror Flower
China Jewel

Tom's Twitter Feeds
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Writing group at the farm
Animals and water
Chesapeake lore, history, people, then and now
Chesapeake romance and mystery fiction
China Jewel

Lynnette Hartwig
Lynnette is writing a series of practical, useful how-to books that tackle a number of specific situations. She has four in print and is working on more.

You can purchase Lynnette's books on Amazon:
Getting the Best Price on a Used Car
Negotiating When Money Matters: Getting Good Deals
Italy for First Timers
Flying for First Timers

Lynnette's blog: Getting the Best Price Blog
Lynnette Hartwig (personal):

Lynnette Hartwig on Twitter

Lynnette Hartwig

Dyan deNapoli
Dyan deNapoli is a penguin expert, author, and educator. She has written an awesome book about the historic rescue of 40,000 penguins from an oil spill. She's been featured in TED talks and events around the country. A portion of the proceeds from The Great Penguin Rescue are donated to penguin rescue, research and conservation groups.

The Penguin Lady website
The Penguin Lady blog
ThePenguinLady Twitter Profile

Dyan deNapoli

David Reinhart
Born, 1956 at Ft. Belvoir, VA. An army brat. David's family lived in VA and AZ before settling down in Barstow, CA.

His first magazine article sold when he was 16 and paid enough to buy the Olympia portable he used for the next 15 years. Lots of free-lance non-fiction on all kinds of topics: camping, survival, computer design, religion, and aviation.

He went to college at the University of Tulsa. After his first semester, he dropped out due to lack of funds and got a job back home working as a reporter for a new weekly newspaper starting up, the Mojave Valley times. He went from reporter to assistant editor in nothing flat. The paper wasn't doing well and one day the publisher calls him in for a chat. Certain he's about to get the axe, the publisher instead tells David that he wants to let the rest of the staff go and keep him on as managing editor, and try to keep the paper going. So at 18 David was a managing editor but the paper didn't last much longer.

He did more freelance work for other local papers and the Sacramento Bee, including some photo essays. His high school had a photography course and he picked it up again when he got back to college, winning some local contests.

His degree is in psychology but he eventually ended up in IT as his day job. He moved to SE Connecticut in 1982 and this is the area where Osprey Point is set. In 1992, he moved to Massachusetts.

You can purchase David's book:

Osprey Point

@A_Strong_Osprey Twitter Profile
Osprey Point

Dean Mahon
Dean Mahon works in the world of international microfinance, and is full of fascinating tales of Africa, Asia and other exotic locations! He is the published author of "The Ride" - an amazing tale of his life-and-death struggle with a mysterious disease.

You can purchase Dean's book on Amazon:

The Ride
Dean Mahon

Tom Elliott
Tom is the published author of "So You Want to Be a Talent Agent?" - everything you need to know about entering this fascinating world. Tom has over 30 years of experience!

Tom also writes the monthly column for the Mensa Bulletin on books, and investigates supernatural phenomena.

You can purchase Tom's book on Amazon:

So You Want to Be a Talent Agent?
Tom Elliott

Stephen D. Rogers
Stephen D. Rogers is the author of A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages, Shot to Death, Three-Minute Mysteries, and more than 700 shorter pieces. His website includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information. He has also written software to help authors manage their products.

Stephen D. Rogers Website

StephenDRogers on Twitter

Stephen D. Rogers

Ruth Young
Ruth has a PhD from the University of Vermont. She did research for many years on woodchucks and genetically obese rats. Things she does for fun are gardening, reading mysteries, playing with computers instead of getting work done, doing math problems, grooming cats, cooking and baking, and water color painting.

You can purchase Ruth's book on Amazon:

Human Nutrition and Health Laboratory Manual
Ruth Young

Wil Howitt
I've recently started writing fiction again, after at least 30 years away. I write mostly science fiction, some historical fantasy. I'm challenging myself to get better at creating believable characters with realistic dialogue, and adding humor and fun. I'm getting better -- for the first time, I enjoy reading my own writing as much as other authors', and that's a significant step!

Right now I'm working on a series of short stories that are starting to coalesce into chapters of a novel. It's set in a near future where AIs have become human-level intelligent (or more) and society has to change to accomodate. Humans and AIs live together, not always peacefully, so one thing I've had to do is invent how the AIs would insult humans, and each other, and how they curse (without any references to body functions or religion). I'm having fun with it ... suggestions always welcome!

Wil's Twitter Feeds
WilHowitt on Twitter Samantha_Alpha on Twitter


Stephanie Caruana
I am now 80 years old. Living proof that people today are living much longer than they ever expected. As an old jazz musician said, "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself."

I began my writing career at the age of 6. My parents asked me what i wanted for Christmas. I asked for a typewriter, stipulating "not a toy." My father, not rich, responded by presenting to me a big, clunky old Remington. True to form, when I saw it, I burst into tears. I wanted a sleek new portable!

I eventually dried my tears, and wrote a little play for my kindergarten play group. It had a highly romantic yet adventurous plot. It seems there was this very young lady who was kidnapped from her healthy home by a wicked Queen who took her to her palace and tried to corrupt her by plying her with loads of cake and candy. Fortunately, her friends, who happened to be a crew of fruits and vegetables, decided to rescue her from the wicked Queen. Each character had an appropriate line of dialogue. They went to the palace and returned her to her mommy My play was a success.

I eventually grew up and went to U. of Miami on a Coca Cola scholarship.Then I moved to Greenwich Village, NYC, and became a hippie. Then I moved to L.A. and became a writer/editor for Playgirl magazine. This lasted until I wrote a couple of articles that bugged the New York Mafia. They bought Playgirl, moved it to NYC, made millions of dollars on it, and fired me.

With regard to Mensa, I have had a very long relationship with U.S.. Mensa. I believe I attended the first American Mensa meeting ever, in NYC. There were six or seven of us. One was Edmund L Epstein, a writer and editor, who became a very good friend, He was an editor of Joseph Campbell's "A Skeleton Key to Finnegan's Wake." Which is where I got my title, "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File." I met Isaac Asimov, a famous science writer, and he wrote a limerick about me. Tom Elliott reviewd my Gemstone File book.

I have had a lot of fun and mad scrapes in my life.

Meanwhile, I got very old. Somehow, I became 80 years old. However I am still writing and still have a lot to say.

The Gemstone File - A Memoir on Amazon
Stephanie Caruana

Lynn Lewis Ribeiro
Lynn ran a hypnosis business and has also taught piano for many years. Her hypnosis busineses was well known for its high quality results after only a single visit. Her aim is to publish hypnosis audio tapes.

Silver Lining Hypnosis website
LynnHypnosis Twitter Profile

At 15, I wrote and directed my first play. After Goodbyes was a series of absurdist one acts. I graduated from two high schools at the same time; Lisa's and my "regular" public high school as well as a performing arts high school where I focused as an actress. I then got a BFA in Production/Directing from Carnegie Mellon (with additional coursework in play and screen writing) and a Masters from Wesleyan University in a special field study in Shamanism in the Arts.

I have worked with shamans from various tribal influence (such as Cherokee, Lakota, Mexihkayotl, and Peruvian), core shamamic techniques (shamanism without tribal influence), and urban and rural American shamans. I was gifted my shamanic mentor's medicine bundle days before he passed. His instruction was to use what he taught me, but to find my own way of doing things: a humbling honor.

I taught acting, directed, and very briefly worked in television before becoming ill in 1998.

Josh, also known as "Bruce McToose", is focused on a series of videos exploring New England. His TV series has a cult following and will soon be visible on many PBS stations throughout New England!

Bruce's Twitter Profile
Bruce McToose

Carmen is involved in theatrical groups with singing and dance. She is starting a quest to write short, humorous stories about things in her life.

John P
I'm interested in writing fiction of no particular genre. I wrote a short story about a man who gambled on the stock market and another about a guy who took a new job and ran into an old flame. And another longer story about a man who commits an impulsive murder. This story left some loose ends so I decided to lengthen it.

Erin is currently working on her first book, a young adult novel. Lylla Naylor is a junior in high school when her family moves from Maine to Mass. She becomes interested in traveling back to Virginia with some new friends to see where she was born and to find out about her late father.

Jefferson Rowland
Jefferson is an epidemiologist trying to figure out what he is really supposed to be doing here (and now). Scepticism is a form of curiosity. Epidemiology is the formal study of cause and effect (per se, diseases and their distributions). Go greek or latin on all this and you'll etymologically put it all together. Put a sceptic near a college class that looks for the 'flaw' in someone's reasoned attempt at the truth (of a matter) and you get an epidemiologist. He'd rather be writing. Now, how to pay those bills...

Jefferson's Website

Alyn Miller
Alyn is fascinated by the world of physics and electricity.
Alyn's Cosmos Blog which he'd like feedback on.
Alyn's Twitter Profile

James Watriss
James has a BA in English from Tufts. He moved into fine woodworking from there. He's writing a book about his experiences learning traditional methods at woodworking school while selling modern methods at retail stores. He's also bouncing around ideas for a novel or two. He blogs about the woodworking and cooking.

Watriss Woodwork on Facebook
JamesWatriss Blog/
PissAntKitchen Blog

James is interested in finding a more productive way to work and how to approach publishers. He's always interested in conversation and in how people do this for a living or a hobby.

Fred Andersen
My plan is to start with something simple, like a 'how to' (maybe how to tie a tie :-) ) book as my first goal is not to make profits but more importantly to learn the ins-and-outs of publishing, website creation/hosting and SEO.

I have never shown any real talent in writing but have some psychological compulsion to put down some of my life experiences in writing before my mind evaporates. Money and fame are not my objectives and I treasure anonymity.

Michael Bleiweiss
Michael received his Bachelor's Degree in Physics from M.I.T. with a minor in Music Theory. He plays flute and enjoys musical composition, mostly in the "classical" style. He has developed a specialty in arranging songs for flute and voice in addition to his original works. For example he has done voice-flute arrangements for Poor Wandering One (from Pirates of Penzance) and Rainbow Connection (from The Muppet Movie). He's written a Lovers’ Rondo for Flute, Violin, & Piano and a Suite for Flute and Viola (or 5-String Violin).

Lewis has a long-standing interest in science fiction. He is also trying his hand at the "young adult" category.

Steve and Martin Wigall
Steve and Martin are aspiring writers who live in Lawrence MA. Martin is in the Creative Fiction Program at U. Maine, Farmington. Steve has published two journal articles in his field (Spiritual Direction). He is working on the final editing of a text for Church use and for individuals interested in spiritual exploration. Preliminary title: "A Theology of Joy."

Martin has one or more stories which Steve believes are of more than publishable quality. Martin's genre of choice is Science Fiction. To the best of Steve's ability to be objective, as an ex-literature major, he find Martin's writing to be especially emotionally engaging, and his characters emotionally rich.

Joe Dutcher
A spy novel would be the closest genre for my book.

About me: Self employed since 1979, various businesses, motor vehicle enthusiast, sportsman, civic minded [school committee, housing authority]. I am working on the change I would like to see in the world as well as my bucket list.

Helpful Information for Members:
Setting Up a Website - an absolute must for any author, musician or videographer
OCR and Print Documents - get all your content online
Social Networking - get tons of traffic for your website
Publishing CDs and DVDs - additional revenue streams
Getting your Book Published - over 100 pages of detailed instructions
Online Degrees - my experience and suggestions

Mensa Writing Group History
Tom Hollyday first wrote Lisa Shea on January 31, 2008, after seeing her website. He followed up on June 30th after seeing her article in the Beacon, and suggested they form a writing group. Tom is definitely the impetus for this group existing! Lisa and Tom had their first organizational meeting on July 14th, then planned out the very first public group meeting on September 24th, 2008, at the Cheng Du in Westboro. The group launched from there!

The Mensa Writing Group ran seminars at the 2008 and 2009 Boston Mensa RGs! Here was our write-up, now updated with current figures:

Lisa Shea and Thomas Hollyday, who run Boston Mensa's monthly Writing Workshop, will discuss such topics as selling your writing on the Internet and maintaining a writing journal. Included will be a question-and-answer period, followed by short readings: Lisa's "Making Money at Home" and a scene from Tom's novel "Magnolia Gods."

Lisa Shea is the published author of a book series on Weddings and Courtships traditions around the world. She has self-published over ten romance novels, a moderm murder mystery, numerous non-fiction books, and regularly contributes to several magazines. She owns and runs, the second largest woman’s website in the world, which receives over 20 million pageviews each month. She also runs several other high-traffic websites. All told she has over 50,000 articles of her own content on the web. Lisa has been a member of Mensa since July 27, 1988. For more information visit

A native of the Chesapeake Bay region, Thomas Hollyday has been writing local history most of his life. He attended the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University, is a decorated Army veteran of Vietnam, and studied under Michael Curtis in Boston. His published work includes illustrations and poetry in magazines such as Good Housekeeping, historical articles in journals like the Neptune of the Peabody Institute, and several River Sunday thriller romance novels. For purchasing information visit

Online Literary Magazines

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