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Step One : Having a Website

We all have different projects but we all want a loyal fan base to buy our items. So we need to be able to collect those fans and to build up their numbers. This is true whether we sell our products ourselves or whether we have a publishing house. You always have to put effort into your own marketing.

To start with, you need a webpage. Thatís an absolute must in current times. I have step by step instructions on setting up a webpage here -

Setting Up a Website

Here are some of our membersí webpages for you to look through:

Lynnís Hypnosis Business Webpage:

Joshís "Bruce McToose" Webpage:

Dyanís "Penguin Lady" Webpage:

Tomís author page about the books heís published:

Lisa's Weddings and Courtships books:

Send along suggestions to the members about their webpages, and see what ideas might work wonderfully for YOUR webpage. The first key is that your webpage needs to have YOUR OWN URL. That is, donít go with a page at your local ISP like (thatís a made up example). You want to get your OWN URL that you own and control, so that as you build up traffic over the years it always goes to you and stays with you forever.

Everything else Ė the social networking, the working with publishers, the going on book tours, all of that relies on you having a webpage to build and reward your loyal fans. So having that webpage is a critical first step. If you do have a webpage and I didnít mention you, let me know and Iíll add your webpage into our listing! If you donít have a webpage yet and my marketing pages arenít helpful enough, let us know where youíre stuck and weíll help you get that webpage up quickly! Really it should only take you 2-3 days to have a website up, and then you can start getting those fans!

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