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Step Three : Social Networking - get tons of traffic for your website

At this point you have your website set up, and you have content on your website. Now you need traffic! You cannot just sit back and hope people find you. You have to tell people you exist. That is what social networking is all about. I get over 2 million pageviews each a month on my smaller sites like,, and I get over 20 million pageviews a month on my larger website. Itís all about marketing. People canít find you if you hide in a corner!

Social networking is when you use free sites such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and others to drive traffic to your website. In the old days you had to buy advertisements in newspapers to get the word out about your business or projects. In modern times you can get far more reach for FREE. It just takes a little bit of set up, and a few minutes each day to keep the ball rolling.

There are of course millions of networking sites out there, but the two key ones I highly suggest you set up are Twitter and a Facebook fan page. These reach the largest number of potential fans with the least amount of effort.

I have full details on these two systems - as well as several others - on my Social Networking Pages.

Make sure you let me know what your Twitter account and your Facebook fan page URLs are, so I can add them here to this site! Here are some examples:

Alyn's Twitter Profile
Bruce's Twitter Profile
Lisa's WineIntro Twitter Profile

Facebook Fan Page
Lisa's WineIntro Facebook Fan Page
Lisa's RomanceClass Facebook Fan Page

If you have TweetDeck sitting on your desktop then it is VERY easy to just alt-tab over to it once a day and type in a one-line sentence to promote something about your topic area. It takes less than 5 minutes each day and it creates a HUGE result. So on my wine site I simply post every time I drink a glass of wine, talking about the wine. For my Romance site I post a tip about stress relief or being in a relationship. Someone trying to build up a fan base about penguins could post a penguin tip every day. That way by the time your book releases you have thousands of fans who love your topic, who have found you over the months and who are now eager to buy your book!

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