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Step Four : Publishing CDs and DVDs

The next topic that people asked about was printing on demand. Here is an example.

I have an origami DVD I put together, that shows people how to fold origami. I sent a master copy of my DVD to They store that master in their system, assign it a UPC code, and put up a page for it -

Origami DVD

So if someone finds it there and orders it, they handle everything. They create the DVD and case, take in the money, and ship it out. I get my cut mailed to me each month. So it is super quick, simple, easy. You can do audio CDs in the exact same way.

Amazonís publishing group, CreateSpace, offers a similar service. They also give it a UPC code but they claim you can ONLY use the UPC code IN AMAZON. So I find it better to set up with FilmBaby, where they give you a "use anywhere" UPC Code, then set up an entry on Amazon with that code so itís in both places.

I list all of these things step by step here -

Getting Published

I also sell the origami DVDs directly from my house -

Origami DVD

That is of course more of a pain because now Iím burning DVDs on my computer and having to run to the post office. On the up side, though, I get pretty much all the money. The cost of a blank DVD and case is extremely small.

So itís all about the time you have vs the amount of money you want to keep. I definitely recommend people look into selling audio CDs and video DVDs. You could do an audio reading of a book you wrote, for example. Or a meditation video. Maybe a video on penguins. Itís yet another way to build up your fan base and to catch the eye of people who might never have heard of you before.

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