Running Ads in your Review
Online Literary Magazine

If you're not going to charge for access to your review, running advertisements is one way to get at least some help in paying your hosting bills (which can get quite high if you get in a lot of visitors). There are many thing to consider here.

First, if you run a variable-feed ad system like Google, you are going to have random ads show up on your site and you have NO control over what those ads are. Yes, you get money, but you could easily be running "I hate cats!!" ads on your cat site. Negative ads are quite prevalent. You could be running a literary magazine celebrating the large and lovely woman, and end up with ads saying "lose weight now!!" which would be a really unhappy message to be sending.

I highly recommend, if you are going to be having ads, that you HAND CHOOSE your ads. After all, this is your magazine and publishers typically spend a lot of care in who they promote with their efforts. Go to Amazon or other affiliate programs where you specifically choose the item you are going to promote. Choose products, books and DVDs that match well with your target audience. Make sure you believe in what you are promoting.

Most of all, keep your ads VERY low key. If people feel your site is about innundating them with ads, they are going to leave. People are overwhelmed with ads as it is. You want your literary magazine to be an enjoyable reading experience so people read through it and tell their friends about it. You can get FAR more income from a few small well chosen ads that millions read, vs a site peppered with obnoxious ads that nobody ever goes to.

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