Enjoy your Creation
Online Literary Magazine

In the end, running an online literary magazine can be a ton of work. You can get negative feedback from grumpy people. It is important to put all of this into perspective! You are creating an end result full of works that you really enjoy, that you are proud of. You are helping to promote artists who you believe in. The genre is one you are personally fond of. How many people can really say, at the end of the day, that they have helped to bring something to life that reflects their own personal talents and interests? Not many!

Even if your literary magazine starts small, enjoy every step of the process. There are millions of people out there who dream about taking on a project, and most do not even get that first step done. You are doing things - even in a small way - to reach your dreams and goals. If you have only 100 visitors the first month, take heart! That is 100 people you have reached! The following month might have 200 visitors! Take each step one at a time. Add in new poets. Tweak your design to be just a little easier to read. Snowballs take time to build, but as they go, they get larger and larger.

Good luck with your creation!

Online Literary Magazines

Publishing Your Own Online Literary Magazine
Publishing Basics
Getting an ISSN
Focusing on a Genre
Attracting Writers
Choosing a Schedule
Online Design Ideas
Print and PDF Considerations
Printing a Paper Copy
Charging for Access
Running Ads in your Review
Paying your Writers
Types of Submissions to Accept
Legal Issues
Finding Traffic
Enjoy your Creation


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