Focusing on a Genre
Online Literary Magazine

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of online literary magazines out there on the web already. Why would people come to yours? This is of course an important question to ask yourself. It's usually important to decide what genre your literary magazine is going to focus on.

If you simply create a literary magazine that has "everything on everything", you might not draw in a large audience. However, if you created a magazine "all about the love and affection of animals" you could get a HUGE audience. If you narrowed it down even further to "a collection of works about cats" you could get an even larger audience, as every cat-lover in the world decided to read and forward your efforts.

The down side of course is that you could get TOO specific. If you started an online literary magazine just on male siamese cats with black points on their ears, you would not only have a lot of trouble finding submissions but also not have a large traffic influx. It is a balancing act, just how specialized you want to make your magazine.

One option is to make your general literary magazine relatively wide - "all pets" for example - and then have each issue focus on a specific sub-topic, like parakeets, cats, dogs, and so on.

Online Literary Magazines

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