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Lulu is an online self publishing system where you load up PDFs and they print and send them out on demand. You can make books, literary magazines and other published items here. I have done a great deal of testing with Lulu and books in the past; this run was for an 8.5" x 11" literary magazine.

Lulu offers perfect bound (book binding) options with full color cover and insides. Note that you CANNOT print inside the cover. That is, the inside front cover and inside back cover must be blank. Depending on how you normally create your literary magazine, you have two choices. One is that you put "extra" material in those two spots for your PDF version, like spare ads or general submission information. That way when they are not in the printed version it doesn't really matter. The other option is to leave those pages blank even in other PDF versions you post. This might be confusing to readers though - they might think there is an error with the PDF.

What we chose to do is create two versions of our literary magazine. The PDF we post online has content in the "inside cover" locations - but it is generic information - submission instructions and so on. When that information is missing from the printed PDF version, nobody really cares.

Lulu Literary Magazine Sample

The Lulu cover is a shiny white glossy cover, just like a book cover. It is a full color wraparound. When you submit the cover to Lulu, you do it as a single PDF that has the cover wrapped around. Here is an example. It has to be all one piece, to create the entire cover piece. They tell you how wide the spine will be based on the number of pages you have, and the front and back cover are 8.5" x 11". If you have trouble with this concept I have step by step instructions over in my self publishing pages.

Lulu Literary Magazine Sample

Technical comments on the front cover only: The bottom and left side of the cover have the "grey swirls" go right to the edge. On the right side the triangle of grey has a tiny white strip at the margin. On the top there is a fairly sizeable white margin, maybe 2cm. The black letters from the spine slightly wrap around so you see the tiny tops of the letters along the spine side of the top cover. The cover drawing is very crisp and saturated, and the text is crisp as well.

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