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The primary reaction a person gets to your online literary magazine is of course the online interface they see. It's the same with a storefront. If you're walking down a street and glance at a store, you make a LOT of choices about what that store is about based on what you see. Is it neat and tidy? Are there fresh flowers in the box? Is there an attractive sign hanging over the door? If the flowers are dead and wilted, and the sign is faded, and the doorknob is grimy, you might never go inside! You might never realize that there are gorgeous treasures waiting within. The same is true for any website.

People can click away VERY quickly from your site for all sorts of reasons. It is key that your design is easy to read, easy to use (on all sorts of browsers!!) and attractive. It is well worth it to work with a quality designer to get this aspect of your site done. Choose a color scheme which is easy on the eyes and reflects your genre. Go with graphics that load quickly and have meaning. Make sure navigation is easy! People should very easily be able to find the latest issue, the submission information, the about pages, the contact pages, and so on.

Here is an example of a nicely done online literary magazine -

Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review

Right on the front page, everything is at your fingertips - no scrolling necessary. You can get to the latest issue and archives, as well as all important submission information. The layout is professional but does not take 10 years to download.

Online Literary Magazines

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