Paying your Writers
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Many writers out there, naturally, want to be paid for their efforts. Especially if you are getting in income from your literary magazine in the form of advertising or direct payments, writers want their cut. After all, without their works, nobody would buy your literary magazine!

There are many issues involved with paying writers. Will you send them checks? Will you require them to have a PayPal account? Many people do not and do not wish to have one. How much will you pay them? How promptly will you pay them? What if they later force you to take down their content because they are going to publish their work and do not want it online any more. Will you force them to give the payment back?

This is an important issue to make clear up front. If you are NOT going to pay the writers, make sure you explain that, and explain the benefits they WILL get from being with you - world wide attention, promotion for their personal website, helping the charities you promote, and so on.

If you ARE going to pay your writers, it is even more important that you explain very clearly how you are going to do it, including the timetable and the format of the payment.

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