Print and PDF Considerations
Online Literary Magazine

It is always very tempting to go with PDF and print versions of your online literary magazine. You want to create complex layouts that combine artwork and lettering in an intricate manner. I would always advise that these are IN ADDITION to the basic HTML option.

There are web readers all over the world, and MANY of them simply cannot run PDF files. They cannot download them for size reasons, and their browser cannot display them. Many search engines have trouble indexing inside a PDF file. You lose a huge audience portion if you neglect the HTML aspect of the web.

Yes, the HTML version might be less pretty. But at least it can be read by all of those people! The more options you offer, the more readers you will draw in. This is a good thing!

If you really want to create a print version that you will be mailing out to people, take a serious look at your schedule and time. This might be fun if only five people want a copy - but it could become a royal pain if 500 people want you to sit there printing and stuffing and mailing envelopes. Make sure you really want to take on this level of a project.

Online Literary Magazines

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