Publishing Basics
Online Literary Magazine

It is one thing to be a poet - it is quite another to create a welcoming environment that promotes the talents of poets from around the world. Aspiring to run a literary magazine is the dream of many of us out there. Yes, you can promote your own words if you choose as part of your efforts - but far more than that, you can create a publication that will be read by millions of people. You can choose the genre of your efforts. Maybe you can create a literary review focusing on peace and harmony? How about one with a science fiction slant? Whatever you choose, that is what will exist.

Not only are you gathering together great talents to showcase, but you get to enjoy your end result! What better way to learn about the best writers who focus on medieval romance, than to create a literary review which has that as its main aim? If you simply adore gothic vampire literature, having a literary review that swirls around that genre will both make you happy each day, and draw in a cadre of fans who feels the exact same way. It is one of those projects that becomes full of true satisfaction.

There are many basics to consider when you embark on this type of project. It will involve a fair amount of work, and I go step by step through those processes below. If you stick with it, it can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done!

Good luck!

Online Literary Magazines

Publishing Your Own Online Literary Magazine
Publishing Basics
Getting an ISSN
Focusing on a Genre
Attracting Writers
Choosing a Schedule
Online Design Ideas
Print and PDF Considerations
Printing a Paper Copy
Charging for Access
Running Ads in your Review
Paying your Writers
Types of Submissions to Accept
Legal Issues
Finding Traffic
Enjoy your Creation


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