Choosing a Schedule
Online Literary Magazine

The purpose of an online literary magazine is to publish regularly on its given topic. If you just post content "any time" you are no longer a magazine, you are a website. You want to choose a schedule that is both one you can actually maintain, and one that does not lose readers because of gigantic gaps.

For example, say that you chose to publish one issue every five years. It certainly makes it easy on you! You don't have to do any work for the remaining years in between. But people will forget all about you by the time the next issue rolls along. You will find it very hard to maintain a loyal readership.

On the other hand, say you choose to publish a brand new issue every single week. It will be VERY hard to find all of the writers and artists every week, sort through their submissions, choose the best ones, get back to those writers for their information, and put together a high quality result. That might be too tight a schedule.

Most online literary magazines go with quarterly issues. This is a nice balance of frequence and time. With quarterly, people remember about your magazine and look forward to the next issue. It gives you plenty of time to recruit new submissions, work with the authors, prune out the ones you wish to use, get any legal issues worked out, and create a gorgeous layout.

Online Literary Magazines

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