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One "easy" option for making a print version of your literary magazine is to take a CD with the PDF to your local Staples and ask them to do a print run. If you have content inside your cover or inside your back cover, you'll need to have your entire literary magazine "bound" in essence within a report cover, with a clear front. That way you can see the cover of your magazine when you pick up the unit, and you also get the entire magazine from start to finish. They cannot print inside cover material on the "actual cover".

Here are a series of photos to help make this more clear. This is the fall 2008 version of Mused, the BellaOnline Literary Magazine. It was 72 pages total and cost about $35 for this one issue.

The cover has a clear plastic front and a rubbery plastic back, and is "perfect bound" - i.e. the binding area is like a regular book, no staples or coils or anything.

It took me SEVERAL tries to get this to work out. Their computer kept choking on our PDF file so we had to keep altering it slightly to get them to be able to print it. I tried emailing it in case it was the DVD but they can't take in files over 10mb in size. It was an overnight job in the end. Still, overnight is a lot faster than the 1-2 weeks an online system usually will take to get you a copy.

Staples Literary Magazine Sample

The cover, plastic see-through which lets you see the "whole literary magazine" which is bound inside.

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