Types of Submissions to Accept
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For some reason it seems that poetry literary magazines are the most popular types out there, in terms of the number of ones that exist solely for that genre. Perhaps that is because poets have so few other places they can showcase their works! You can definitely accept poetry no matter what other genres you are interested in. There are always spots for short poems to be scattered about your literary work.

Short stories and non-fiction are a little trickier. They can get to be quite long, despite the "short" in the name. It can be hard to craft a quality short story on a topic. Non fiction, since it is true, might have legal ramifications if it mentions real people and places. They take longer for you to review and choose through, certainly!

Plays are fun because they seem more "alive" to many people. I've read some fantastic plays over the years that were amazingly complex and interesting. They are also harder to review, because they can be long an intricate. consider whether you should include plays as a genre type in your literary magazine.

Artwork and photography has a similar issue. If any images have recognizeable faces or logos, you shouldn't run them. Those people and places can come and sue you for using their likeness without their permission. You'll want to keep in mind bandwidth issues here. High quality artwork can be VERY large in size and every person who views your literary magazine can be eating up a lot of bandwidth on your server. This can add up to quite a large hosting bill at the end of the month.

How about music? Where a paper literary magazine is stuck with two dimensional representations, you can actually have music snippets on your server, assuming you have enough space. You can show MP3 files that meet your criteria. How about a song about cats? A recitation of a poem?

Video comes into play here. There can be short plays, animated skits, and other video-based creations. This is even a larger bandwidth hog, though. Make sure your server is prepared to handle this.

Online Literary Magazines

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