Finding Traffic
Online Literary Magazine

So, your website is up! It looks gorgeous with a professional logo! You have submissions! You've created a beautiful first issue and it is live!

Now what?

Once you have created a work of art, people do not just flock by the millions to come and see it. You have to make sure they know about it! Now you are in the realm of attracting traffic to your website. This is not just an issue for literary magazines - it is an issue for ALL websites of all types out there. People pay millions of dollars a year to get their website noticed! You probably don't have millions of dollars. Here are some ideas for you to get those people coming to see your creation.

Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is really key for any website. Talk about it on forums. Make entries for it on MySpace and FaceBook. Go to literary forums. Go to genre related forums. Tell all your friends and family members. Ask for feedback. Ask for advice! The more people who go to your page, the more they might tell others about your page.

Search Engines
Make sure your page can be found by search engines. I do NOT mean to submit it to them! This usually causes you penalties. I also am VERY against link farms, they cause huge harm to you. Rather, make sure you have basic HTML construction done properly. Don't have HTML errors in your code. Make sure you have a good title, meta description and meta keywords so the search engine knows what your page is about. Don't try to "trick" the engines! This can cause you serious harm. Instead, make the page of as high quality as you can. Search engines respect high quality pages.

Easy Navigation
The easier your page is to go through, the more likely it is that people will spend a while on your site, and look around at a lot of pages. The more pages they visit, the more they are likely to remember and return to you - and tell others about you.

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