ProSpirit Ab Wheel

An ab wheel is in essence a wheel on a stick. You hold onto either end of the stick, get down onto your knees, and roll the wheel away from you. Sounds easy? It can be extremely challenging - especially if you roll yourself fully out so that you are barely balancing on your knees and full extention through your arms.

I've tried ab wheels in the past and if they work poorly, they can be a royal pain in the butt to use. If they don't roll smoothly, they can even be dangerous, as you push a little to get the wheel moving and then find yourself overextended.

I bought the ProSpirit Ab Wheel to help build up my arm strength as well as my abs. Since you're supporting yourself over the ab wheel by your arms, it definitely builds up your arms to use this.

This actually has two wheels, side by side, with a metal rod through them. You then slip rubber grips onto either side for your hands. The unit is rather simple - but that's the point. It moves very smoothly, rolls back and forth without any hitches. I've tried it with people in the 300 pound range, and it held up with full weight and rolled smoothly.

The great thing about the ab roller is that it's simple. You don't need anything special. Just a little device and a spot of floor. You can use it for 10 minutes - no long term commitment - and it really makes a difference.

ProSpirit Ab Wheel

ProSpirit Ab Wheel

Highly recommended!

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