AM PM Yoga for Beginners DVD

I own several yoga DVDs and greatly appreciate the benefits yoga brings - better sense of balance, improved flexibility, ability to handle stress and to relax more. Yoga is something that every human could draw from, if they could only find a half hour each day to dedicate to its practice.

Yoga AM PM gives you that ability. You get two quick routines - one for the morning, one for the evening, and neither one is a high challenge. Both are routines that the most basic of people could give a try and find success with. The instructor does a great job of offering options. If you can't touch your toes, reach for your thighs instead. If you can't fold flat, fold partially. She is always instructing you to take your time, to be patient, to go at your own pace. Yoga is not a competition. It is about stretching your own personal horizons.

The landscape is beautiful - flowers, ocean - but really, after the first watch or two you aren't looking at the TV at all. You are immersed in your own practice, listening to her voice, going through the moves in your own space. I greatly appreciate that they filmed it in a "pretty place" but in the overall scheme of things that isn't as important as the vocal quality. They did an awesome job in both areas so I think people with either type of orientation will be happy.

I do wish there was more here. Most DVDs I own have multiple tracks, with a wide variety of routines to work through. Here you only have two. AM. PM. That's it. I really think for a DVD they should have had more information. If nothing else, as this is for beginners, they should have had some sort of an "intro track" that explained what downward facing dog, child's pose, etc. really were all about. I have done yoga for a while so when the instructor says "go up into downward facing dog" I don't think about it, I simply do it. If someone really was a true beginner and grabbed this DVD to get started, they would have no idea what was being asked of them. I definitely do thing a track of "intro to yoga" and then another track of "the basic moves and information about each one" would be quite warranted here.

So that is my caveat. If you really are a beginner, sit and watch the DVD a few times without actually trying it, to see what she is doing and get an understanding for the poses. Once you understand what she is asking you to do, then give it a shot in time with her and start doing the practice. I do very much like the routines she does, and like the background and soundtrack. I just wish they used the ample space available on the DVD to provide more information to those seeking it.

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