AM Yoga for your Week DVD

This DVD in essence contains five short (around 20 minute each) routines, each focusing on a different type of activity. There are standing, twists, backbends, forward, and hip openers. They are meant to be quick morning routines for the times you don't have more time for a more in depth yoga session. In addition you get an interview with Rodney Yee and the ability to change the vocal track from full to abbreviated.

The routines were fairly easy, a good way to start a day. The backgrounds in western canyons were quite lovely.

I do enjoy Rodney Yee a lot, so that was a plus.

On the downside, first, there's a forced intro discussion that you have to skip past every single time you play the DVD. That's just silly. That could have been in there as an option on the main menu if you wanted to see it. There's no reason to watch that every single time you want to do a workout.

Next, the routines don't warn you up front what you'll need for it. You're going along, enjoying the routine, and suddenly he pulls out a strap! If you weren't ready, you have to pause and run and get one. He does that with a block as well.

He doesn't mirror you - what you see on the screen is the opposite of what you yourself are doing. While that doesn't matter for the more basic poses like tree pose, when he gets into the twists that makes things quite challenging. I would much rather have seen him mirror me.

I like that at the end when he goes into "relaxation pose" (he won't call it Corpse Pose) that the music is quiet and then stays that way as the DVD goes around to the main menu again. With some DVDs you're laying there relaxing and then the DVD pops to energetic music which ruins the mood.

I wish he'd done a more full job of describing some poses though. Even in the "verbose" version he is brief in helping you get into a position and it can be challenging to figure out exactly what he is looking for. Of course the brief version of the soundtrack is even worse :) By then you better have the routines memorized.

Well recommended, but it'd be nice for them to tweak this a bit to work out some of the minor issues.

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