BMG Workout Capri Yoga Pants

The BMG Workout Capri Yoga Pants are meant - as the name might imply - for both active workouts and also for yoga which can be active, flexible, or a combination of the two. I tested these for a solid month to see how they hold up to repeated stretching, pulling, sweat, and more sweat. How did they do?

BMG Workout Capri Yoga Pants The manufacturers advise you to get a size larger than you normally would so I asked for my sample copy in large rather than medium. It fit quite nicely at the beginning of the testing process. In general I love capris, so this was perfect for the things I do. I did daily yoga in it. I kayaked in it, hiked, danced, did aerobic exercise, and more. I walked stairs. I wanted to give these a thorough testing.

At the beginning they were great. They'd hold on during aerobic activities and stretch during the flexible parts of the day. They'd twist and turn without binding. I was quite pleased with them.

However, by the end of the month-long testing they'd begun to bind. If I do activities involving folding at the middle (common in both my yoga and a number of my exercises) they bind at the waist. If I do activities involving leg-bending, they bind at the knee.

Also, I find the pocket placement right at the base of the spine to be quite troublesome. No matter what you put in there, there's a twist or turn that will wrench the item directly into your spine. Absolutely you could never use it if you did any floor-based exercise which is what half of exercising and yoga is about. But even if you decided to wear this just for standing exercise, any time you bent over it would wrench into your spine. Twists. Turns. I suppose you could put a single $5 bill in there for emergency - but why have the pocket in that location? Definitely I wouldn't put anything larger like keys or such. Spines are precious!

So, all in all, I'll give this 3/5 stars. It might be fine if someone was a casual walker and was just looking for something to wear occasionally for a fashion sense. Even then, I wouldn't use the pocket.

I received a review set of this top plus pants in order to write this review.

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