Champion Sports Bra Double Dry

I recently got a number of different sports bras to test out during a longsword class I began taking. This is a class in the use of European style longswords, not rapiers - so think Robin Hood, not the Three Musketeers. This meant the class had a lot of twisting and "heavy lifting" types of activities. I wanted something sturdy that would not impede motion at all.

When I first put on this Champion sports bra, I thought it was going to be far too tight on my shoulders. It pressed down against my shoulders very hard. However, after a short while the sensation went away. I wore the sports bra for the rest of the day, through my sword class and a long ways afterwards, and pretty much forgot I was wearing it.

It did a great job of providing support during the class, and did not impede my arm motion at all. In fact for the sword class it was an extra bonus because by compressing my chest it allowed me to easily do the moves that involved bringing the sword across the front of my body. I am not sure how to phrase this delicately - it did not "squish" me but it kept everything snug and out of the way. A very good thing in many activities, I imagine.

The fabric is nice and sturdy, and I would be quite comfortable wearing this without anything else on top.

I am typically a medium size and this Medium fit me well - so their sizing chart is a good one.

Well recommended!

NOTE: The exact identification information on the back of my Champion double dry sports bra is style 2994, M, RN15763.

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