Champion Pants Double Dry

I do yoga daily and typically it is either cool outside or cool in the house when I'm doing it. I like to have long pants which reach to my ankles and which don't bind or tug on me. I gave these Champion Double Dry pants a try.

Champion Pants Double Dry Normally I wear medium, but my legs are long so a medium can end up binding on my knees which bothers me a lot. What I had to do with these is get a large - but now the ends of the cuffs were incredibly floppy. I trimmed them off :). The waistband has a draw-string.

I'll also admit that my boyfriend got these for me. Normally I just don't like bright pink stripes down my sides. He seems to like that "sporty" look.

So with those caveats, and those alterations, I do like these pants a lot. They're now the perfect length, they don't bind, and they're very comfortable.

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