Champion Pants Side Vents

When my boyfriend goes shopping for me for clothes, he tends to buy me athletic wear rather than yoga wear. It's the area he's more familiar with. That's how I ended up with these Champion pants with side vents. How well do they work for yoga?

Champion Pants Double Dry First, the look. They are black with purple visible stitching on them. Each outside of the leg has a waffle-weave fabric for air flow. The have about a 2 inch waistband and purple stitching at the waist and cuffs. The label just says "Champion" without any model / style specifics on it. The tag does say RN15763.

I find this too "gymmy" looking in general for my yoga practice. I want to feel serene and restful while doing yoga, not like I'm about to run 25 miles on a treadmill. Also, I'm not fond of this slick, polyester fabric. I'd much rather have softer cotton or bamboo.

But, that being said, it does the job. It moves with me and doesn't bind or catch. It's just the right length to keep me warm without catching or interfering with my poses.

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