Danskin Now Bermuda Shorts

There are only a few months where I can wear shorts and do yoga. The rest of the time it's full length pants and keeping off the cold. Still, for the few months of warmth, I enjoy the Danskin Now Bermuda Shorts.

Danskin Now Bermuda Shorts The fabri is soft. It's 65% cotton, 30% polyester, adn 5% spandex. It's made in Jordan, which is interesting! It's style DL22B106 / Dark Navy.

I enjoy these a lot. They're long enough to be decent, and short enough not to bind on my knee when I do poses. Soft, comfortable, and just right.

Well recommended!

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Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness provides a step by step recipe for calm and healing. Author Lisa Shea has been following this practice for a decade and over time has tweaked and polished the steps until each one resonates with serenity.
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