Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011

I have a variety of yoga tops but my favorites are color variants of the Danskin Now yoga top - style DL21T011.

Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011 There's just so many reasons I keep digging past other tops in my drawer to find one of these. I love the light straps over my shoulder, so they don't dig in. They hold up the top without restricting my movement. I love that the bottom stretches down past my waist so there isn't cold air seeping in when I do those stretch-to-the-sky moves. I love that there's no tag at the back of the neck to itch and irritate me.

The colors are quite pretty, and the subtle tapestry design is quite lovely. That's an added bonus. But, to me, the usability of a yoga top is really key. I don't want something that bothers me while I'm trying to hold a pose. I want a top that does its job and is otherwise invisible. It should not even be there in terms of my attention while I'm doing my routine.

Perhaps the only down side to the top is I'm not sure you can get it in stores any more! Thank goodness I bought a few when they were out. I wish companies didn't drop lines just to make new models with new designs. Still, maybe you can find this top somewhere. If you do, grab a bunch of them. They are sturdy, last for years, and are just about perfect for doing yoga in.

I purchased these tops with my own funds and would gladly buy more if I could find any.

Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011 Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011 Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011

Here's the back view.

Danskin Yoga Now Top DL21T011

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