Easy Yoga Pose

The Easy pose in yoga, or Sukhasana, is one of those poses which is certainly easy enough to understand, but which can be wonderfully relaxing and perfect to focus on. It's all about atuning yourself to your body and its needs.

Buy at Art.com You could say that easy pose is in essence about sitting cross-legged. You shouldn't scrunch or push your body here. There's no arcane twists involved. Simply sit down gently, on a mat if you wish, or on a pillow, cushion, or towel. It's all up to you.

Tuck one foot under the opposite knee, and then put the other foot under the first knee. We all have different bodies, and how you'll end up positioned will depend on your current flexibility. Don't worry about what other people are doing. Honor where you are at the moment.

If you feel under your rear end, you'll find your "sit bones" - the two pointy parts of your pelvis structure that point downwards. Settle yourself so that those are relaxed and pointing in the natural down direction.

There are many places you can put your hands. Some people fold them in their lap. Some put them on their knees, holding the knees. Some rest them on their knees with the fingers touching in various ways. It's up to you and what feels good to you.

It's good to alternate your legs if you do this fairly regularly. That way each leg gets its opportunity on top. This is a traditional pose for many people to eat, talk, and meditate in!

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