Fila Yoga Shorts

I love my Fila yoga shorts. When it's warm out enough to wear them, they are just right. They come to just above the knee so they don't bind or pull at me. They're soft and comfy.

Fila Yoga Shorts They're made in the US, which is fairly rare for clothing nowadays. They're 90% polyester and 10% spandex which normally would bother my skin, but somehow they're soft enough that it's fine. Maybe it's because they're short, too, so my entire legs aren't coated with them.

The waist has stayed good throughout my ownership of them, and they move with me. Great in every way.

The only model number I see on the tag is RN91175.

Yoga for Forgiveness Yoga for Forgiveness
Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness provides a step by step recipe for calm and healing. Author Lisa Shea has been following this practice for a decade and over time has tweaked and polished the steps until each one resonates with serenity.
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