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Fitness magazine is aimed at women who are interested in living a healthy life. Yes, some of it is a bit "fluffy" - like listing reasons to exercise. They also mix in practical advice - how to exercise to get a flatter stomach, to get stronger legs.

There are interviews with inspiring women of all ages, letting you learn what their tricks to stay motivated and active are. There are healthy recipes so that you can always jazz your menu up with something new and delicious.

On the downside, some articles seem fluffy to the point of incorrect. In a recent issue they have an article picking on various diets including vegetarian, vegan and low carb. Talk about a way to not make friends!

Apparently vegetarians are "weakening their immune system", and vegans are depressed. The article makes giant assumptions that everybody one one of these diets is doing it incredibly poorly and is therefore suffering from a variety of nutrition-related maladies.

Along the same lines, the article claims low carb "doesn't provide enough fiber" - when really low carb is about cutting out SUGAR. There's no fiber in sugar!! Low carb is about eating a lot of broccoli and fiber-rich vegetables - most people on low carb eat far more veggies than people on a "typical American menu". The article's "fix"? "Eat good-for-you carbs". Isn't that exactly what low carb is? Eating the good carbs - avoiding the sugary carbs?

It was frustrating reading good "here is how to exercise to do X" articles alongside "vegetarians aren't getting enough key nutrients - such as iron, which afects energy levels and the ability to think clearly."

I found the inclusion of numerous fashion articles a bit suspect. I don't want or need a healthy fitness magazine to tell me which jeans to buy. I also wondered why a magazine which promoted healthy body image and living would include a promotion (an article, not an ad) for a $90 eye cream. I'm not sure most of us would find that either in our price range or a worthwhile expenditure of cash.

In the end, there really aren't that many options out there for a woman who wants to stay in shape. I would get this for its new exercise ideas and to scan the recipes - but take any other content with a grain of salt.

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