Mountain Yoga Pose

The Mountain pose in yoga, or tadasana, might seem like the easiest pose that exists. And certainly this pose is very straight forward. There's no need to put your left leg over your ear or twist your body into a knot shape.

Buy at However, as with many other things in life, it is often by getting down to the basics that you start to really listen to what is going on in your world. It is only when you sit down with a silent house, a cup of tea, and take in a long, deep breath, that you realize how stressed you were before.

So that is part of what mountain pose is all about. You are standing with your feet gently touching, or hip width apart, whatever feels best for you. Your hands are down by your side, relaxed. Often if you're stressed what you do is draw your shoulders up towards your ears in a defensive posture. Relax. Allow your shoulders to fall away from your ears. Maybe give your head a gentle roll or two to release any stress. Draw in a deep breath, and let it go. Relax.

Often mountain pose is done as a resting pose in between other poses. Say you've just stood on one leg for a while in tree pose. You then pause in mountain pose, to see how you feel imbalanced, with one leg stronger than the other. Then you go on to do tree pose on the opposite leg. When you return again to mountain pose, you sense how you feel more balanced at that point.

It's about listening and paying attention. Does your shoulder hurt? Do you feel weary? What is your body telling you? It's time to listen, so that you can help it heal.

I find when I'm waiting in line I like to take in a deep breath and stand in mountain pose. I use the line as my own personal meditation, to check in on my body and see how it's doing. If something feels tense, I give it a moment to relax. It's a nice practice to get into, and it can be done pretty much anywhere.

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