Nighttime Yoga Tips

If you enjoy yoga during the daytime, then I highly recommend you give nighttime yoga a try. The combination of stars in the sky, cool night air and glowing candles is quite magical!

Nighttime Yoga Tips This photo was taken with the outside lights on so you could see what I created for my setup. I have a semi-circle of small, low candles around the yoga mat. I made sure to place them far enough away that they will not cause any fire damage to me during my motions.

Always keep safety foremost in your mind! If for whatever reason a natural flame is not safe in your area, they have MANY great alternatives with LED lights that look completely natural. Always choose safety over burning embers if that is in any way an issue.

Many times the bugs will all go away once the sun goes down - which is great! If you still have bugs around during your nighttime session I recommend lavender oil and peppermint oil. Both of these are natural bug repellents which can keep you itch-free. If candles are safe in your area, you can use citronella candles as well.

You get a plethora of new noises at night that you might never hear during the daytime. In late spring near my house I hear the small frogs, or peepers, singing a chorus in my back yard. It's a lovely change from the bird song of the daytime.

Nighttime Yoga Tips You don't have to worry about sun screen at night - but you might have to worry about a chill. Dress accordingly so that you keep a good balance between heat and cold.

You probably won't be able to see any notes that you bring with you, so nighttime is a good time to work on routines you are already comfortable with.

I highly recommend trying a nighttime routine if you have the ability to do it. It adds a whole new dimension to your yoga routine, and can be incredibly relaxing!


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