Nike dri-fit sports bra

I got a number of sports bras to compare against each other for both quiet and energetic workouts. One of the set was the Nike Dri-Fit Sports Bra.

Nike dri-fit sports bra

This is definitely more well constructed than several of the other options. The reinforced edges are all thick and well padded. The chest area is comfortable.

The trick is when you put it on it is TIGHT. The back rolls into a tight coil and you have to struggle to get it all down in place. The same is true for taking it off - it is quite a challenge. Oddly though it is quite comfortable once you DO get it on! Where the other bras I tried were tight or tugging while they were on, this one fit well and comfortably. It is just the getting on and getting off parts that are annoying.

I got a Medium size, and I am in fact a medium, and it fit very well. I completely forgot I was wearing it during my activities. It did its job nicely.

Well recommended, just expect a bit of a tussle when you take it on or off!

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