Nike Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt

The Nike Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt I have doesn't have any model number on it and I can't find it on the web, even though I just bought it. It is 95% cotton, 5% spandex and has a slight v-neck. It has long sleeves and is white, and is rather thin.

I definitely like its cotton lightness and non-slickness for wearing as a workout top. It does a great job of keeping me warm without overheating me or making me feel slimy. It's a medium and normally I do wear medium. I found it a bit tight on the wrists while a bit baggy in other places. In general it fits "all right" but not really well. I wear an actual t-shirt over this, so it doesn't bother me TOO much, but I do have other long sleeved tops for that "middle layer" that fit me much better, so I would choose them over this one for that reason.

Still, good for its purpose and definitely better than the slick ones I have tried in the past.

If anybody does know what model this is from my description, please let me know!

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