Reebok sports bra

The Reebok sports bra I have oddly, although I just bought it, is one I can't find on the web anywhere. It is white with a racer back, but it has two seams along either side of the chest, swooping back towards the arm. All of the Reebok sports bras I see on the web are single panel in the front. So I'm not sure what model mine is. It has the two sets of seams on either side of the front, and the Reebok logo in the center in silver sparkly thread.

The Reebok sports bra is about mid-way between my other bras in terms of comfort. It is a BIT tricky to get on and off, in terms of being tight and "rolling" along the back, but it is not super tight as some of them are. Once on, it is comfortable and an OK fit, but it has gaps and pulls which I haven't noticed with the other bras.

It does a reasonably good job of holding everything in place.

There isn't anything exactly wrong with this sports bra - but it's not really good either. If you have access to other sports bras I would probably go with them instead, vs going with this one that just doesn't seem to be constructed in a well fitting manner.

If anybody does know what model this is from my description, please let me know!

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