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I love doing yoga. It brings me relaxation, exercise, better circulation and health. However, for whatever reason, the circulation in my feet is extremely poor. If I try to do yoga in the winter with bare feet, my feet freeze, making it hard to get a good grip on the map or to pay attention to what I'm doing. If I put in regular socks, they slide on the map, putting me at risk at injuries. So I gave a try to these ToeSox yoga socks.

There are two traits of these socks which encouraged me to give them a try. First, the socks have tons of little rubbery dots along the soles. These help you to grip the surface. I never had any sense of sliding while wearing the socks. My feet felt secure and stable, even in positions that put stress on them. On the other hand, though, when I finish with my yoga session, I finda number of mysterious little "dots" littering my yoga mat. Apparently the socks are not completely impervious to the effort.

I also like that the socks have little toe-spots so each toe can stretch and get traction. I admit that when I first looked into socks I'd rather have had ones that were toe-less socks - the mitten alternative for the feet. I didn't think I'd enjoy little toe-spots for each toe to go into. If nothing else, I didn't think they'd be as warm for my toes.

However, now that I've used them, I have to say I was delighted. My feet were quite warm. It was fun to put my toes into their little spots, and easy too. My feet stayed stable while using the socks and it never felt uncomfortable. If anything, it brought a smile to my face every time I looked down and saw my toes encased in their little striped homes.

Is there a down side? Well, first, there does seem to be a dot attrition going on. I have to wonder just how many washings it will take before these turn into normal undotted socks. Still, even if that does happen after quite a while, I'll be content. The socks will have done a great job until then, keeping me warm and safe. Also, I was intrigued to find that getting my feet into their shoes to get to the yoga class was a bit of a challenge. The little dots meant the socks didn't slide easily into their shoes. So it's something to keep in mind as you go to and fro.

Well recommended!

I bought my ToeSox with my own money.

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