Under Armour Heatgear Long Sleeve

I was about to undertake a new, public exercise class and decided I wanted to wear a long sleeved underlayer beneath my tshirt, for warmth and for layering reasons. We were to be given "official tshirts" on the first day of class and I wanted to be able to just throw it on over my existing layer.

My boyfriend helped me pick out this UnderArmour heatgear shirt. He wears these frequently while doing sports activities.

To test it out, I wore it while doing an hour plus dance-dance-revolution set, which is high energy dancing activity in an indoor environment.

First, the shirt was VERY tight. I am about 134 pounds and 5'7" and normally wear a medium. I got this shirt in a medium. It felt like my inner elbows were being constricted whenever I bent my arms, and my wrists were literally sore from the cuffs. The length was down to my hips but it would instantly roll up to midway up my stomach. I don't have a "large" stomach either.

I started dancing. It was instantly cold and clammy as I began to even lightly sweat. Worse than that, my underarms began to feel really slimy. This sensation continued long after I finished dancing. Usually when I'm done dancing (in a light tshirt) I feel energized, fresh and vibrant. After this session I felt clammy and nasty. And my wrists were sore. And my inner elbows were uncomfortable.

In terms of modesty, it is VERY see-through, far more than any tshirt I own. You would have to wear a sports bra under this to feel comfortable.

If I have to get a large size to get this to fit - what do actual "large" people have to wear? Extra large? They only go up to Extra Large so after that you will just be doomed.

Also, I'm not sure that getting a larger size will help with the clamminess issues.

I imagine there must be applications where this type of shirt is useful, but I'm afraid they aren't ones that I am participating in. Also, they really need to change their sizing list.

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