Visual Time Timer

There is both an alarmed (two quiet beep) and a non-alarmed version of this timer. I got the non-alarmed version since the "alarm" is so meaningless, but the review is pretty much the same for both. It is the only visual timer on the market, really, so if you want something of this style, you have to buy this one. It is great for glancing over and seeing immediately how much time you have left in a visual "pie chart" sort of way, without having to look for numbers or dots or anything else. That being said, this is VERY cheap and flimsy and you pay 4-5 times as much as you'd pay for any other timer. So I'm really looking forward to other people coming out with similar products that are higher quality and more reasonable in price.

Visual Time Timer

Visual Time Timer Video Review - AVI file - 28mb

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Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness provides a step by step recipe for calm and healing. Author Lisa Shea has been following this practice for a decade and over time has tweaked and polished the steps until each one resonates with serenity.
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