Yoga for Beginners DVD

Whether you're preparing for a class or learning yoga on your own, a DVD really helps to ground you in the basics. I found Yoga for Beginners a great, relaxing way to get a handle on core positions.

Yoga for Beginners You start out by watching the basic area. This area has short segments that help you understand the starting moves. The aim here is to watch each short segment - and practice the moves - until they start to make sense to you.

They have 10 minute backbends, 20 minute standing poses, 20 minute strength / balance, 20 minute sun salutations, 30 minute seated hip openers. You'll find some of these might be challenging for your current strength and bend ability - but this is actually great! It means you have something to look forward to as you improve and grow. If everything was super easy at the beginning, the DVD wouldn't be much help! So you practice these moves for a while, figuring out which you can do and which you need to work on.

Then you go on to the actual full workout sessions. There is 70 minute basics, 40 minute energizing, 70 minute strength, 30 minute rejuvinate, and 55 minute quieting. Each segment has its own focus, so you can easily pick and choose which one you're going to work on. You might find some easy and relaxing. Others might be a bit challenging at the beginning.

So for example the quieting session was really relaxing, lovely, stretchy. On the other hand, the strength session involves some moves that I had to just watch. My arm strength wasn't up there yet. However, I could do much of it and it definitely was building up strength - and I look forward to when I can do it all start to finish.

The background is simply gorgeous, with the gentle ocean, the sands and the blue skies. It really helps me to feel peaceful and relaxed. The woman's voice is peaceful, calm, and provides a lot of great pointers for adjusting poses based on your current skill level.

Highly recommended for beginners - and the DVD will "grow with you" to allow you to keep enjoying it even as you improve.

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