Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility DVD

I've been doing yoga for years, and I own a number of yoga DVDs. I'm always looking for new ones to try out. When I saw my library had Ashley Turner's Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility, I definitely wanted to give it a try. Both topics are ones I'm avidly interested in.

Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility DVD There are two programs on here, one for stress relief, and one for flexibility. Makes sense. When you pop the DVD into your player you first get a short intro that talks about what the DVD offers. Then you get a menu where you can play the Stress Relief track, the Flexibility track, or both of them. The first is about 36 minutes, while the second is about 33.

The Stress Relief one is casual and gentle. It's not a workout. That's fine! It's meant to be about releasing stress, not about working up a sweat. You do gentle bends and twists. I did find myself relaxing while watching it. It's set in a garden overlooking an ocean. I liked the face massage part. She provides alternative options for those who aren't up to doing what she shows.

The Flexibility part is definitely NOT for beginners. It launches into Eagle Pose! Beginners would have a lot of problems with that. Then she does a pose with one foot on the ground and the other pointed at the sky. Even some intermediate yoga people will have difficulty with that. Again she offers modifications, but I'm not sure that beginners could do either one of those poses even modified. So be prepared - you'll want to practice with other beginner DVDs before tackling this one.

She mixes in some "proper" names of poses with their American names, so you learn as you go if you haven't been exposed to those before. So that's nice.

I do have a few issues here. I don't like that the DVD launches into the "intro" when you put the DVD into the unit. I'd like to be able to choose the intro if I want, or choose other things if I want. I would want the menu to be the first thing I see.

Next, I have issues with the "model like" aspect of Ashley's presentation. To me yoga is about accepting ourselves for who we are authentically. But Ashley seems to be doing her poses in full make-up, with a properly coiffed updo, and with giant earrings! Would someone really wear large earrings like that when doing a yoga session, for safety reasons alone? I understand that she is quite talented at yoga. Her ability to do the various poses in the Flexibility part attests to that. However, I wish she didn't need to "glam up" to be our representative.

I feel the cover text of "easy to follow programs" is a bit misleading. It makes it seem like this could be good for beginners. I think they should have made more clear that some experience in yoga is really fairly important before trying this DVD. Also, the routines are fairly short. I would much rather have a full DVD on stress relief, with a selection of routines. Then one that focused on flexibility, with a number of options. Trying to stuff both on one DVD - and only having one routine for each category - seems too shallow for me.

Still, I think it's an intriguing DVD, and worth at least trying out.

I borrowed this DVD from my local library.

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