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I have several books and DVDs on yoga. I definitely agree that seeing yoga in motion really helps you learn the progression and movies. I also understand that there are many situations where you simply don't have access to a TV! Sometimes having a book to stare at, to really examine the poses and read the words, can be just as helpful in its own way to understanding how yoga works.

This is definitely the case with Yoga for Your Life by Margaret D Pierce and Martin G Pierce. This large format book is full of glossy, full color photos of poses. It is laid out as a step by step instruction manual, starting with simple breathing and moving along to more complex poses. It's not about twisting yourself into a pretzle - it's about finding flexibility, strength, stress relief and calm in your life.

The book is very clear about taking things slow and easy. It explains that yoga is NOT about pain. You do a pose until you reach resistance, and you hold it there. You don't push until it hurts. It doesn't matter what anybody else is doing. Yoga is not about competition. It is solely about you doing the best you currently can, and working to gently improve each day.

So, towards that aim, the book provides wonderfully simple, step by step instructions. You begin with breathing and simple twists. You move along to more complex poses, but nothing involves superhuman spinal bends or other unusual shapes. It is all about learning to balance, learning to support yourself, learning to flex. Gently.

For each pose they discuss options for people who cannot quite do what is being shown. We all have our unique limitations, and the book understands that. There is always a way to progress forward.

Well recommended! Yes, you should have a DVD too so you can see the poses in motion. But in terms of a book to look through, to read and reread, I definitely suggest taking a look at this one.

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