Yoga and Joyful Living

I love to read and learn, and magazines can provide great information in an engaging fashion. When I saw Yoga and Joyful Living at my local bookstore, I decided to bring home the issue and see what the issue had to offer.

First, the issue is lovely in its layout. Some of the photos are absolutely gorgeous. It is a visual treat to page through the issue and take in some of the images.

There are a number of quick, easy to absorb articles, which is always nice. A delicious looking recipe, A set of instructions on how to take a quick yoga cat-nap.

Some of the short articles might have done better fleshed out. They advise that 12 out of every 24 hours of your life are spent in a fast. It is amazing, looking at Wikipedia, just how many religions have serious fasting as a core part of their system. I would still have liked to see a larger treatment of this issue, and concerns for young people, pregnant people, etc. laid out.

There were longer articles on topics such as meditating and dealing with strong emotions. I found those very interesting to read.

My main concern with this issue that that three large articles in a row were "second in a series" types of articles. there was an article on meditation which said "over the past several issues we've been exploring ..." - that's always depressing to see. Sure, at the end (if you skipped ahead a few pages) they gave a brief recap of what was missed. Still, it made me feel like I couldn't appreciate the topic fully. I chalked it off to a one time issue. But on the VERY NEXT ARTICLE it was on Apana Vayu and said "in the last issue we discussed prana vayu, the first of the five ..." What?? Multiple articles where I've already missed content? And then after that comes Living tantra which is also part 2! It was an exercise in frustration. It made me not want to pick up this magazine in the future, because who knew if I'd be getting part 6 or part 12 of long series.

Also, a minor point, the pose images in the Apana Vayu article were very small. I'd really want to see larger photos to make that article useful. But as I couldn't really use it anyway, it was moot.

Finally, this is put out by the Himalayan Institute and the promos for their services were rather heavy duty in here. If this really is a marketing brochure for them, I would have liked that to have been made more clear up front.

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