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Interestingly, while most yoga magazines are available by subscription on Amazon, this one is only listed by specific issues, one at a time. The most recent one is from December 2009. I have an issue from April 2010, but the website it lists is now for sale. I'm afraid this magazine is now defunct. Still, I thought it worthwhile to write up what the magazine was like in case it resurrects!

The aim seems to be a higher end yoga enthusiast. The introductory articles - which appear to be ads in disguise - exhort you to buy skin cream and bronzing mitts.

There is a long review about the life of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, who passed away in 2009. I understand that the author of an interview often has fondness for his subject, but here the adulation is a bit extreme. But there's more. Additonal articles heap on the praise. Interrupted by ads for fashion-model clothing.

An article on connecting with your mind - and then another long ad for a clothing line. And more. And more skin cream. And then we have the magazine's editor, Yogi Dr. Malik, apparently put up at a gorgeous resort in Turkey and writing a glowing review of it.

There's certainly some good in here. Dzogchen Rinpoche talks about the power of emotions. Sumya Anani, a female boxer and zen follower, examines the power of each. You learn about how powerful a twisting yoga posture can be.

Not a magazine I would buy again - and it seems I might not have that opportunity anyway.

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