Yvette Sports Bra

I love to do yoga and Wii dance. In both cases there is a low level of movement going on, where a sports bra can be helpful. I gave the Yvette Sports Bra a try in these situations. I tested it for three months before writing this review.

Yvette Sports Bra The bra is labeled as "low level". On the box they explicitly mention yoga, road cycling, pilates, archery, and ... billiards? One needs a low level of SPORTS bra for billiards? I had no idea. Archery, too, seems like a bizarre sport to mention on a box like this.

The bra has a racer back with a high clip. It took a few tries for me to get comfortable with how to snap and unsnap it. I could reach it, but had to figure out the pattern to seal it. To reach this spot, you have to be able to reach both hands behind your back to just below your neck. For me I can do this by reaching my hands over my shoulders. You should probably see how well your hands bend to that location if you don't have someone who can help you get in and out of the bra.

Once on, I find the bra a little binding in the shoulders, but you get used to it after a few minutes. There's just something about the angle that presses.

In general, the bra does what it says it should. It provides gentle support for low to mid-range activity. I might not wear this jogging, but that's not what it's meant for. It does quite nicely when I'm Wii-dancing around the living room.

I also found that I just don't need this extra sports bra beneath my yoga top for the type of yoga I do. My yoga is fairly slow, flowy-style yoga without much activity. For me, the normal built-in bra that comes with my yoga tops is quite enough.

Well recommended for low to medium level activities.

I was sent a review sample of this bra to test.

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